Yellow Naped Amazons for Sale

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Yellow-naped Amazons are also known as yellow-naped parrot, can be considered as one of the friendliest pet parrots around. With their intelligence, talking, and down-to-earth social behavior, you can only expect to enjoy their company. The development of a strong bond with their favorite person is guaranteed. This bond can result in some severe jealousy. If you’re on the lookout for an energetic and goofy parrot, but an affectionate and cuddly one as well, you can’t go wrong with a Yellow Naped Amazon.

All Yellow-naped Amazons are hand-fed and hand-raised from the moment they hatch.

Yellow-naped Amazons can live 40+ years & some can live up 100 years in captivity.

The yellow-naped amazon is distinguished by its green forehead and crown and a yellow band across the lower nape (back part of neck) and hindneck. The beak is dark gray and is paler towards the base of the upper mandible. The feet are also dark gray.
While they are highly intelligent birds, they need enrichment and attention in captivity. They can become distressed; feather plucking is a common symptom.
Our Yellow-naped Amazons feed on various fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, fresh kale, broccoli, carrots, apples, and peppers. All fruits and vegetables must be thoroughly washed to remove harmful chemicals before being fed to the bird. We also feed a variety of Uccello seeds, pellets, and nuts. ​

Amazons can be wonderful when they are well-trained and well socialized. Ideally, the minimum cage size for this bird would be 36’’ long, 24’’ wide and 66’’ high with ¾’’ wire spacing.

We have Males and Females Yellow Naped Amazons for Sale from 5 to 9 months old. DNA tested, thoroughly health tested with vet certificate. They are cute and very friendly. They love to be held, stroked, and will climb all over you. They have been hand-reared from a very young age, and so they are very friendly and tame towards everyone, including children. They feed on apples, banana, and pellets mixed with seeds. At Bird Breeder Store, we focus on education, nutrition, and conservation. We work very hard to help educate our customers on parrot companionship. Prior to taking a bird home, we will provide information on proper housing, creating a safe environment, diet, behavior, hormones, and much more. No question will go unanswered.

Every hand fed baby Yellow Naped Amazons are weaned on to a high variety diet. They are weaned onto fruits and veggies, a soak and sprout mix we make here in the store, high variety seed that we also make here in the store, and naturally colored pellet. If you have questions regarding this baby Yellow Naped Amazons or any others that we have available, please give us a call! For more pictures, videos, and information.

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