Yellow Collar Macaws for Sale

Yellow Collar Macaws
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Charming, crafty, and comical, Yellow-collared macaws offer all the personality of a large macaw in a smaller, more affordable, and easier-to-care-for mini macaw package. They make great pets. They are brilliant, making training easy, and most of these birds learn to talk quite well. These parrots love attention and enjoy being part of a family. The yellow-collared macaw is a lively, engaging bird that can make an extraordinary companion for the right owner.


The yellow-collared macaw has a reputation for being an intelligent and resourceful little parrot. It thrives on attention from its owner and will seek that attention by any means necessary. Expect a greeting when you get home and lots of love and affection, whether you want it or not.

Although some are one-person birds, most Yellow-collared macaws make extraordinary family pets. It helps when a bird is socialized young. They are generally friendly by nature. These traits are extensions from their pairing and flocking instincts, which they will gladly extend to their human flock.

Given the right amount of training, discipline, and love, these birds can become loyal and affectionate pets that form deep and long-lasting bonds with their owners. However, if this bird does not get consistent training from a young age, then it can be a territorial, nippy bird.

While Yellow-collared macaws are generally not as noisy as larger macaws, they are more than capable of being quite loud when the mood strikes. Some people even compare their call to a gull. This noise level makes them not suitable for apartment or condominium living.

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