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Shipping calculated at checkout. Umbrella Cockatoos for Sale!Umbrella Cockatoos are the most attractive and affectionate members of the entire parrot family and one of our favorites. Most experts state that cockatoos are in one of three main categories: mostly white, pink, and black. The umbrella cockatoo, also known as the white cockatoo or the great white-crested cockatoo, is well-known in bird circles as being one of the most affectionate and affable companion birds widely available market today. An Indonesian native, the umbrella is slightly smaller than the Moluccan cockatoo but is not smaller in personality or charm.Like a typical cockatoo, most enjoy being held, pet, and are friendly & sociable. The Umbrella Cockatoo is a long-term commitment for an owner as this species can live up to 70 years with proper care and attention. Cockatoos are fun-loving, intelligent, and energetic parrots, and their food should reflect these traits.At Bird Breeder Store, we focus on education, nutrition, and conservation. We work very hard to help educate our customers on the Umbrella Cockatoos’ companionship. Before taking a bird home, we will provide information on proper housing, creating a safe environment, diet, behavior, hormones, and much more. No question will go unanswered.Every hand fed baby Umbrella Cockatoos is weaned on to a high variety diet. They are weaned onto fruits and veggies, a soak and sprout mix we make here in the store, high variety seed that we also make here in the store, and naturally colored pellet. If you have questions regarding this baby Umbrella Cockatoos or any others that we have available, please give us a call! For more pictures, videos, and information

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