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Shipping calculated at checkout. Sun Conures are brilliantly colorful, intelligent, friendly, and loaded with personality. The Sun conure or sun parakeet has long been popular among families keen on companion birds. They’re not an honest starter bird since they require much consistent training, daily interaction, and constant socialization to stay them tame and well-behaved.Sun Conures are among the foremost popular pet bird species and are for several years. There are several reasons for this, not limited to the very fact that they’re arguably the only vividly colored and delightful Sun Conure species. The sun conure is native to northeastern South America, including Venezuela, northern Brazil, and Guyana.

Size :

The Sun Conure may be a medium-sized bird with a nicely proportioned figure, healthy birds being neither slim nor stout in profile, and coming in at around 12 inches long from the beak to the top of the tailfeathers.

Lifespan :

Sun Conure birds can have a lifespan of up to 30 years in captivity. Before you opt to require the plunge and convey a Sun Conure home, confirm that you are willing and ready to plan to care for your bird for a minimum of this amount of your time.


The sun conure may be a playful, amusing bird that enjoys athletic tricks. These birds are smart, interactive, and trained. Generally, it’s an affectionate and cuddly bird that’s gentle to all or any relations as long as it’s treated well. Like all parrots, sun conures are social birds that require a substantial amount of interaction with their human owners to be happy. They’re naturally playful and affectionate once they get the eye they have, making them uniquely fitted to those that need a bird for steady companionship.Keep in mind that the sun conure is extremely loud, capable of emitting ear-piercing screams. Its loud, shrill call is employed within the wild to bring attention to big situations from miles away. Likewise, this bird can substitute as a superb version of a watchdog for your home.

Diet and Nutrition

Every hand fed baby Sun Conures is weaned on to a high variety diet. They’re weaned onto fruits and veggies, a soak and sprout mix we make here within the store, a wide variety of seeds that we also make here within the store, and naturally colored pellets.

They Can Learn to speak :

Sun Conures tend to like better to mimic other sounds, like whistles, microwaves, doorbells, and telephones. Some Sun Conures never mimic any sounds and want to stay to the traditional range of vocalizations for their species.


Sun Conures are widely considered the foremost colorful of all the Conure species. This is often due to a mature Sun Conure sports plumage in various reminder red, yellow, green, orange, blue, and in some birds, violet tones.

Another quality of the Sun Conure is that the bare white patches of skin around the eyes are called “eye rings.” These patches are almost like the bare patches commonly noted in Macaw species. They’re seen by many as a beautiful feature for a parrot to possess.

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