Quaker Parrot for Sale

Quakers are affectionate birds who will get along with just about anyone. As with all parrots, they must be socialized to keep this personality they’re so well known for. Quaker Parrots are also called Monk Parrots. They are green with a grey face, neck, and chest. They grow to be 12 inches long.

The Quaker Parakeet has bright green upperparts. The forehead and breast are pale grays with darker scalloping, and the rest of the underparts are very light green to yellow. The remiges are dark blue, and the tail is long and tapering. The bill is orange. Variations include a blue color and a very rare yellow color.

Origin of Quaker Parakeet

The Quaker Parakeet originates from southeastern Brazil, Argentina, and other South American countries.


Quaker Parakeets are very confident and social birds. They love to interact with their “flock” and are known worldwide for their exceptional talking ability. In captivity, they tend to bond very closely with one person and are known for their loyal nature. Most hand-fed Quaker Parakeets are quite gentle, and many make wonderful pets for younger bird owners.

Quaker Parakeet As A Pet

Quaker Parakeets are highly intelligent, social birds. Those kept as pets routinely develop large vocabularies. They are able to learn scores of words and phrases. This species is considered especially adept at learning. They are cheerful, happy, active birds and are very vocal by nature.

Quakers bond to one person when kept in a one-Quaker home and can be very protective of this person. They are generally thought to be the best talkers of the “smaller parrots.

Quaker Parakeet Diet

Provide a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and healthy table food. Root vegetables, peppers, and colorful produce are critical in their diets. Feed these birds about 3 tablespoons of pellets per day and offer at least a 1/4 cup of fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning.

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