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Parrots are fantastic, intelligent, quirky, and outrageously colorful birds that have been our companions for ages. Amongst the astounding variety of parrots found worldwide, only a handful are suitable for being kept as pets.

Parrots are mostly found in tropical and warm areas all over the world. The largest and the most diverse kinds of parrots are found in North America and all the surrounding areas around Australia, that being the majority of South Asia.

Different Types of Parrots

African Gray Parrot.
Amazon parrots
Quaker parrot
Eclectus parrots

Parrots are some of the most spectacular and intriguing birds in the world! Due to their intelligence and highly social nature, parrots also can make excellent pets. Given proper training and care, parrots can make perfect companions thanks to their desire to measure as a part of even a person’s flock.

Parrots are known for his or her colorful plumage, sharp beaks, and wide wingspan. The physical characteristic of parrots is their strong, curved, broad bill. The upper mandible is prominent, curves downward, and involves some extent. It’s not fused to the skull, which allows it to maneuver independently. It contributes to the tremendous biting pressure these birds can exert. The lower mandible is shorter, with a pointy, upward-facing leading edge, which moves against the upper mandible’s flat portion in an anvil-like fashion. The power of some species to imitate human voices is why they’re so popular as companion pets.

Lifespan: How long do parrots live ?

Parrots’ life expectancy varies greatly with species, size, and whether in captivity or the wild. Some of the larger parrot species can live for up to 80 years and beyond, while some smaller parrots live for 15-20 years under the right care.

Are parrots good as pets?

An overwhelming majority of parrot species are highly popular as pets. While some species are more comfortable to take care of and keep, others could be a couple, but well worth the effort due to their vibrancy and demeanor. Take a glance at the finer points regarding their care before getting one:


The dimensions of a parrot’s cage depend upon its size. If you’re getting a budgie or a cockatiel for a pet, you’ll choose a smaller cage with enough room for the bird to fly freely. You ought to not keep these two birds and lovebirds by themselves, as they tend to urge bored and have interaction in self-mutilating behavior like feather plucking. Larger birds like macaws and cockatoos naturally require larger cages.

Parrots need a big amount of enrichment, both within their cage and out of doors, within the sort of interaction with their owners, to take care of an honest temperament.

Personality & behavior

Depending on the species you get for yourself, you may have got a very loving and friendly parrot that does not make too much noise or one that is tender and affectionate most of the time but tends to bite and scream, especially during dawn and dusk. Smaller parrots like the budgies, cockatiels, parakeets, conures tend to be incredibly loving. Simultaneously, the larger macaws, cockatoos, and amazons may get cranky at times, but this can be quickly sorted by giving them the attention they crave.

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