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Eclectus Parrots makes excellent beautiful companions pet parrots. They are smart and can be great talkers. They make especially great pets for people who like calm and pretty birds. Eclectus parrots come in various sub-species, including the Grand Eclectus, the Vosmaeri, and the Solomon Island Eclectus. If you have a quiet house with a steady routine, you may be suitable for an Eclectus. Be prepared, however. These birds need some particular toys, exceptional care, and lots of space to keep them healthy and happy.Charming, eye-catching, and intelligent, Eclectus parrots are attracting birds that make impressive pets bird. Their beautiful colors, talking ability, and loving personalities have established this bird as one of the most popular pet parrots. This bird is one of the larger parrot species, and it does require the right owner with plenty of time and space to house this bird.They can bond with multiple people instead of just one. They are very curious, though, and are eager to participate in activities going on around them. Make sure you are all right with adopting a bird that needs much entertainment.


The Eclectus is a very friendly and intelligent bird species described as gentle, tranquil, and caring. Eclectus parrots also are affectionate. Most thrive best when socialization is part of their daily routine.They cherish the time they spend interacting with their families. They’re also sensitive and may quickly become stressed if they feel neglected.This bird will learn the routine and what to expect in your household. They enjoy the comings and goings, also as being a neighborhood of it.Both the males and females of the species make lovely pets. Many homeowners claim that males tend to be more trainable and agreeable. On the flip side, females could also be less hooked into their owners and handle stress better. Females can also be bossier and more aggressive than a male, particularly during breeding. Even in captivity, a female’s nesting instincts remain strong. You would possibly find her trying to nest in secluded areas of your home.

Caring for an Eclectus Parrot

Make sure to give an Eclectus your undivided time and attention when introducing it or any new bird or your aviary.An Eclectus lives best in an aviary—11 feet long by 3 foot wide and 7 feet high— especially if you keep a pair. The minimum cage size for this bird would be 36″ long, 24″ wide, and 66″ high with ¾” wire spacing.

Diet and Nutrition

These birds prefer pomegranate, papaya, and figs in the wild, though they will also eat flowers, buds on trees, and a few seeds. When kept as a pet, their diet must include fresh fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates. We feed our Eclectus birds with various fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, fresh kale, broccoli, carrots, apples, and peppers. We also provide a variety of Uccello seeds, pellets, and nuts. We encourage a diet consisting of as much variety as possible.

Get an Eclectus Parrot

A list of Eclectus for sale, including Red Sided Eclectus, Solomon Island Eclectus, Vosmaeri Eclectus, and Eclectus parrot, is an attractive and intelligent bird. They are the most brilliantly colored of all the parrot species.

At Bird Breeder Store, we focus on education, nutrition, and conservation. We work very hard to help educate our customers on parrot companionship. Before taking an Eclectus bird home, we will provide information on proper housing, creating a safe environment, diet, behavior, hormones, and much more. No question will go unanswered.Every hand fed baby Eclectus for sale is weaned on to a high variety diet. They are weaned onto fruits and veggies, a soak and sprout mix we make here in the store, high variety seed that we also make here in the store, and naturally colored pellet. If you have questions regarding these baby Eclectus for sale or any others that we have available, please give us a call! For more pictures, videos, and information

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