Double Yellow Head Amazons for Sale

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Description: Beautiful Double Yellow Headed Amazon purchasable and is hand-fed! If you’re trying to find a gorgeous, active, and talented companion pet bird, this might be the one for you! 

The Double Yellow-headed Amazon is additionally referred to as the yellow-headed parrot or double yellow-headed amazon. It’s among the foremost popular companion Amazons, probably thanks to its striking coloring and its ability to amass an extensive vocabulary. These birds are incredibly talented in learning opera and other sorts of singing, making them charming companions. 

Double yellow-headed amazons are very intelligent, affectionate, and have a fantastic speech capacity. Like all Amazon parrots, these birds like to be the middle of attention. Thanks to there high intelligence, these birds will test the boundaries, especially with in-experienced bird handlers, so experienced bird owners are recommended for owning one among these parrots.

They are mostly green with a gorgeous yellow head, red-tipped shoulders, navy blue, red and green wings, and a vivid tail with yellow and many other greens. The yellow head will still open up more after each molt until it’s right down to the bird’s shoulders and neck area.

This medium-sized parrot with the lengthy name is among the foremost popular pet species of the Amazon parrot group because of its striking color and unsurpassed mimicry ability. The double yellow-headed Amazon parrot can even learn to mimic opera singing, which can be why it’s been a well-liked pet since the 1500s.

Double yellow-headed Amazon parrots are native to Mexico and northern Central America. They sleep in mangrove forests and forests near rivers or other water bodies.

Temperament: The double-yellow headed Amazon is a lively bird that likes to clamber around its given area and can like to fly if offered enough space. Cage materials should be strong; powder-coated steel or chrome steel makes the proper choice.

Toys are essential for this bird, and therefore the essential toys are often chewed and shredded.

Double yellow-headed Amazons may undergo a hormonal bluffing stage as they approach sexual maturity (age four months to 1 year). They will become aggressive and should lunge and bite at people during this phase. The bluffing behavior can last for several months (and sometimes up to 2 years). Suppose you’ve got young children interacting with the bird. In that case, it’s going to be better to settle on a unique species if you propose to urge a young or adolescent parrot.

The double yellow-headed Amazon tends to bond with one designated loved one. You’ll avoid this by ensuring that multiple relations handle the bird regularly, especially when it’s young. Hand-feeding by all connections will reduce the bird’s tendency to bond with just one person. 

Double Yellow-headed Amazon Parrots needs consistent stimulation and can not thrive on solitude. This Amazon talks well and is quick to perform antics, which will delight its owners.

Destructive behavior can also drag with Amazons, who will gladly chew the furniture rather than toys. Supervision is important to keeping this bird safe and, therefore, the house intact. It can live up to 80 years aged and wishes an owner who understands the responsibility of caring for a bird with this lifespan. On the positive side, this bird is very trainable and needs to please its human companions. 

Caring for the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon

A Yellow Head won’t be happy in small cages. Close confinement can cause aggressive behavior. Either buy the most important cage you’ll afford or construct an oblong cage from 12g welded mesh. Ensure that the planning allows food and water pots (four in all) to be serviced without a hand entering the cage. Adult males in breeding condition are often dangerous!

Diet: This Amazon features a hearty appetite and can eat everything in its cup. Double yellow-headed Amazon should be fed a nutritionally balanced pelleted diet and fresh vegetables and fruit. Lafeber’sLafeber’s Avi-Cakes and Nutri-Berries also are nutritionally balanced and offer variety for the diet and opportunities for foraging.

DNA Testing:

Suppose there is no gender option listed for a bird on our website. Therein case, that specific species is ‘monomorphic,’ which suggests we cannot determine gender without purchasing DNA testing. DNA testing may be a further $149 per bird to make sure of the favored gender. Please contact us fro the DNA of the bird, so we’ll get your feather Friends ready.

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