Crimson Bellied Conures for Sale

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Description: Crimson-Bellied Conure is a bird of the parrot family found in South America. They create excellent pets due to their gentle disposition, lively personality, friendly behavior, and not being overly loud. They make excellent pets due to their gentle temperament, lively personality, social behavior, and not being excessively loud.

These playful, cuddly and affectionate little parrots are among the famous Conure family representatives. one among the cuddlier conures, these affectionate parrots, will like to bond and snuggle with their favorite person within the house.

Crimson-bellied Conures are generally quiet, and that they are usually only vocal when excited. They quickly grow to confide. These are lively and active conures that enjoy flying about, so many spaces should be provided. They tend to be hardy and aren’t as vulnerable to diseases as other bird species, especially when providing adequate nutrition and an appropriate environment. They enjoy bathing often. The chewing requirement varies from pair to pair. It’s essential to supply a daily supply of fresh branches to satisfy their chewing urges and supply entertainment. They’re not usually aggressive to other birds.

The vividly colored Crimson-bellied Conure may be a playful bird and may easily be trained to try to tricks and perhaps even talk a couple of words. albeit Crimson-bellied Conures are comparatively quieter than other conures 

Crimson-bellied Conures also are popular among pet owners thanks to their stunning red chest, abdomen, and under coverts of wings. They need a greenish-blue back, a red tail, dark beak and feet, and scaling on the neck. Yellow or green cheeks, with blue tinges on the face, head, neck, and blue on the legs and vent area. 

This species of birds make excellent pets. They’re slightly more independent and dominant than the Green-Cheeks. Still, if you’ll put up with their attitude, they’re among the foremost comical conures out there. They will learn to speak moderately and imitate sounds and other calls. 

Size: 9.5 inches or 24 cm long 

Adult Weight: 2.8 – 3.3 oz (79 – 94 grams)

Average Lifespan: 20 years


This bird is a superb choice for apartment dwellers. They’re one among the quietest among conures, getting vocal-only excited. They become trustful of their humans quickly. They are also among the foremost docile among parrots. These birds are often easily housed with cockatiels and other smaller parrots, as they’re never aggressive with other birds.


Like their diet within the wild, they constitute their diet of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and buds. A top-quality seed mix is often given a day. Also, make millet spray available to them, and vitamin and mineral supplements should even be given regularly.


Crimson-bellied parakeets enjoy a shower, so allow them to have it a day, or maybe a couple of times each day if possible. Clean the enclosure at regular intervals and replace the food and water dishes a day with fresh ones. Also, remember to exchange the chewed up toys from time to time.

They should be given many fruits, vegetables, and green food and a daily supply of branches with flowers and buds. A right quality seed mixture of safflower, oats, sunflower, hemp, buckwheat, millets, bird food, and rowan berries should be available in the least time. They also enjoy millet spray and will have access to mineral and vitamin supplements.

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