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Black Palm Cockatoos for Sale! Black Palm Cockatoos are incredibly gorgeous animals but can also make excellent companions. They are sweet, loving, and playful. They tend to have a very docile demeanor and do well with more than one person. Palms require a varied diet, a large enclosure, and plenty of toys.

The black palm cockatoo is the largest of the cockatoo species, popular as pets all across the world, despite the expensive costs that go into acquiring one. It is native to North Queensland in Australia and the island of New Guinea in the Pacific. This bird’s celebrity-like ways and impressive looks have made it a preferred pet choice.

Keep your bird in a robust and durable walk-in aviary with a length of at least 23 foot (7 meters). You can keep them with other birds ( same species), as they are not aggressive. Provide perches so that it may fly around freely. You can even throw in chewable like pine cones or wood. Adding other accessories like ladders, plastic swings, and link chains would help to keep it entertained.

Temperament and Behavior

Black palm cockatoos have resourceful and intelligent personalities. They will require constant interaction and adequate training from a reasonably young age for them to be at their friendliest.

You can feed it pine nuts, walnuts, and almonds as well as maize, wheat, and corn.


Owing to its size, one should take utmost care while handling the black palm cockatoo. You may throw a towel onto your bird’s head to pacify it, while a well-trained bird can be controlled by grasping its head with one hand and the legs with the other. Keep an eye on the cheek crests. An excited bird’s crest will give away its psychological dismay.

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