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  • Can Parrots Eat Apples

    Can Parrots Eat Apples

    Parrots are incredible creatures, with the ability to learn new languages, mimic sounds, and show human-like behaviors. As humans, we naturally assume that what’s good for our bodies is also good for our feathered friends. So the question arises – can parrots eat apples? The answer is yes! Many parrot species, such as macaws, Amazons,…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Indian Ringnecks

    The Ultimate Guide to Indian Ringnecks

    Welcome to the fascinating world of Indian Ringnecks, also known as Indian Parrots or Ringneck Birds. These avian pets are a unique species of pet birds, admired for their vibrant colors and distinctive ring around their neck. This guide will provide you with comprehensive information about these feathered pets, from their history and physical traits…

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  • Half Moon Conures for Sale

    Half Moon Conures for Sale

    Half-moon conures are green dwarf parrots widely appreciated as pets for their endearing traits. They are a perfect option for first-time bird owners as they form a quick and intense bond with their owners. Amidst all conures, this species is comparatively quieter. Although talking is rarely observed in them, but some are excellent mimics. The…

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  • Yellow Collar Macaws for Sale

    Yellow Collar Macaws for Sale

    Charming, crafty, and comical, Yellow-collared macaws offer all the personality of a large macaw in a smaller, more affordable, and easier-to-care-for mini macaw package. They make great pets. They are brilliant, making training easy, and most of these birds learn to talk quite well. These parrots love attention and enjoy being part of a family.…

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  • Moustached Parakeets for Sale

    Moustached Parakeets for Sale

    Mustached parakeets, alternatively spelled moustached parakeets are parrots found in islands of Indonesia, South Asia, and Indochina. There are several subspecies of this bird, and they are also one of the most widespread species of their genus. These beautiful birds make great pets and as such are rather popular. Their talking ability, gentle disposition, and…

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  • Sulfur Crested Cockatoos for Sale

    Sulfur Crested Cockatoos for Sale

    Sulphur-Crested cockatoos are large white parrots with yellow feathers on their crest (hence the name Sulpher-crested) and yellow wash under their wings. It is quite difficult to distinguish male from female Cockatoos at a distance as they look remarkably similar. The only major difference is that females have red-brown eyes, whereas males have darker brown…

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  • Catalina Macaw For Sale

    Catalina Macaw For Sale

    Catalina macaw, scientifically known as (ara ararauna X ara Macao), is a strikingly beautiful hybrid bird owing to its exquisiteness to its parents, the scarlet macaw, and the blue and gold macaw. Although the coloration of this bird varies from generation to generation, all of them are a riot of colors. Catalina macaws are extremely…

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  • Nanday Conures for Sale

    Nanday Conures for Sale

    The Nanday Conure also referred to as the black-hooded parakeet, maybe a medium-small, mostly green, Neotropical parrot. Nanday Conures birds are beautiful members of the conure family found in South America with feral populations within the US and Israel. The Nanday Conure features a greenish plumage overall. The lower parts of its body display a…

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  • 32″ Play Top Cage

    32″ Play Top Cage

    Description A 32″ wide cage from our best selling cage line. Thick, sturdy bars and stainless steel hardware make this a cage that will last for many years. The play top gives birds a place to hang out without the need to have a separate play area. Appropriate for large Conures, small Mini Macaws, small Eclectus,…

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  • Indian Ringneck Parakeets for sale

    Indian Ringneck Parakeets for sale

    Indian Ringneck makes excellent pets. Their ability to mimic words and tricks and repeat sounds make them suitable pets. Indian Ringnecks go through a special stage after weaning that may cause them to be aggressive. This stage is natural and is a learning period for your Indian Ringneck. Even though they get into their bluffing…

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