African Grey Parrots

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African Grey Parrots


African Greys have a fantastic ability to communicate with humans. They are brilliant birds and are known to be the best at mimicking human behavior.We breed two types of African Greys: The Congo African Grey and the Tinmeh Grey. The Congo subspecies are the more common pet bird. African Greys are typically 12 to 13 inches from beak to tail and thus need adequate living space. These birds can live to be 80 years old or older. African Grey parrots can be wonderful pets. Suppose an owner has the time and patience to put into developing a bond with the bird. In that case, it can be among the most rewarding of any human-animal relationship. Greys crave attention and interaction and will look to you, the owner, to provide it. In return, you will receive the companionship of a loyal friend.

African Greys should eat a mix of formulated feed, fruits, vegetables, and protein. Greys need special attention that human children require. Experts say that these birds need at least three hours of interaction per day. Like children, Greys need to be put on a schedule; they thrive when following a routine.

Find Congo African Grey Parrots for sale . Known for their ability to talk, African Grey’s are highly sought after as pets.

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